Clean energy just got
cleaner & safer.

Add values to do with sustainability and human wellbeing.+ core values, Green energy Sustainability, Solar energy
Global warming: Waterless


Clean energy is more sustainable,
with water-free cleaning.

Blade makes it possible to harvest 30% more energy, without wasting a drop of water. Blade makes it possible to harvest 30% more energy, without wasting a drop of water.


Oded Fruchtman


Has 17 years of senior management experience. Prior to Bladeranger Oded was the CEO of Aquarius-Spectrum, the Co-CEO of BreedIT. He founded SoftWatch and served as the CTO of BOS and the Israeli Branch Manager of Macrovision.

Assaf Friedler

CBO and Co-Founder

Assaf has 25 years of experience in establishing and leading Technology and R&D companies, including management of complex engineering projects. Assaf holds an M.Sc. in Systems Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Tamir Friedman

Head of R&D

Software engineer with over 20 years of experience in developing, managing and leading large multidisciplinary teams in multinational companies Bachelor’s degree in Computer science Master of Business Administration

Shimshon Wiesel


Shimon Wiesel has managed BladeRanger’s finances since the company was founded. He owns accounting firm Wiesel & Koresh.

Ehud Epstein

Chief Scientist

Has more than 35 years of experience in R&D and engineering development management in international companies (Intel, Applied Materials, and others), where he has led international, multidisciplinary development teams.

Omri Dagan

Head of Operations

Has over 25 years of experience as Head of Operations and managing multidisciplinary teams in the defense and aerospace industries. Omri holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Guy Globermann

Head of Deep Solar

Experienced business leader with over 10 years of hands-on expertise in team management, leading startups from ideation to market fit, and extensive knowledge of the Solar and Climate-Tech industries. B.A. in Economics and M.A. in public policy from Tel Aviv University.

Board of Directors

Ira Palti


Eyal Tryber

Dr. Nahum Kaminka

Dr. Yehuda Elmaliach

Dr. Ronit Koren

Assaf Friedler

Ofir Gomeh

Joseph Weiss

Shuli Uzan

Case Studies


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