Let the Sunshine In


Autonomous Cleaning and
Inspection of Solar Power.


PLECO, the company’s first product, is a mobile autonomous robot for cleaning and inspecting rooftop and commercial solar installations, without water.

Fully Autonomous Solution

Waterless Cleaning

Cost Effective Operation

Reliable and Simple to Operate

Dirt Detection

Real Time Monitoring and Analytics

45° Climbing Capability

AI Service

Inspection and dirt detection sensors installed on the robot. Cloud-based data-collection and analytics allow remote monitoring, cleaning schedule optimizations, and analysis of soiling conditions.

Soiling on the Panels?
Analysis in the Cloud!

Soiling (dirt) detection and fault inspection components may be installed on the robot. These provide a map of soiling hotspots and failing panels. Cloud-based advanced AI analytics and monitoring allow optimization of cleaning schedules, location, and frequency. Remote monitoring of robot telemetry allows real-time tracking of cleaning progress, robot position and status. Visual dashboards allow easy monitoring.

Year-Round Availability: 24/7

The Pleco is designed to provide daily cleaning under harsh weather conditions. A single charge is sufficient up to 4 hours of operation. Batteries can be recharged in approximately 1 hour, or simply replaced for immediate continued operation.

The Pleco is a scalable solution for rooftop and commercial solar panel installations. It offers the shortest ROI of all cleaning solutions by providing increased efficiency, reduced maintenance, and lower cleaning costs.

Our team is our pride

We are excited to take part in building a world where robots work for the good of humanity.

We are very optimistic about a future where service robots improve the environment and our lives.

BladeRanger is a creative and dynamic environment where enthusiastic engineers work to create highly sophisticated autonomous robots.

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