About us

BladeRanger is developing and manufacturing autonomous robots and drones for cleaning and inspecting solar panels and solar fields. We offer scalable solutions, able to clean single-panel private-home installations, all through large fields encompassing many thousands of panels.

Pleco is smart!

Pleco cleans panels using a smart algorithm, ensuring every inch of the panel is clean and working at full capacity.

Pleco is tough!

Rigid, dust resistant and strong exterior makes Pleco able to deal with harsh conditions with ease.

Pleco is robot-friendly!

Pleco can talk with other BladeRanger robots to make sure your panels are kept clean.

NAKAI makes solar panels very effective.

NAKAI is the first fully autonomous drone-based dry cleaning robot for solar panels owners and cleaning companies.

3P lets you unlesh the power of BladeRanger

3P offers full solution for cleaning and inspecting larger fields (5MW+) including a few cleaning robots, drones and a hangar for charging and storage of the units during daytime.

Contact Us

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