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Autonomous Cleaning and
Inspection of Solar Power.

BladeRanger has three product lines for cleaning and inspecting solar panels and enable highly-efficient electricity generation:

PLECO, the company’s first product, is a mobile autonomous robot – powered by a rechargeable battery – for cleaning and inspecting rooftop and commercial solar installations, without water. Beyond its cleaning capabilities, the robot is equipped with a system for data collection and management and is able to inspect and identify faults and dirt. The data it produces, integrated with data of the robot’s actual location, allows high-quality dynamic mapping of the levels of soiling, any faults in the panels themselves, tough dirt, and more. Some of these components are in the research and development stages and their success will have huge economic impact for owners of solar power facilities.

The 3P System is designed to manage and monitor a fleet of robots at a single site, including monitoring the actual progress of the tasks assigned to each robot. 3P will recommend how to distribute tasks among the robots, report on battery levels, and more. The 3P system is designed to streamline and optimize the concurrent use of a number of robots across a commercial solar panel site. The 3P system is in advanced stages of development.

The PLOVER solar panel cleaning robot can be carried by a drone to move between panels. It can also be flown by an operator and is capable of making an especially soft landing on the rows of panels it cleans autonomously. PLOVER is also ideal for solar panel sites that could not otherwise be cleaned, such as rooftops without access stairs. The PLOVER, which is in development, will be able to make soft touchdown on rows of solar panels, clean them, and then return to its launch station.

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