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Autonomous mobile robotic systems for cleaning and inspection of solar panels on rooftops and commercial solar power farms

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BladeRanger aims to be a world leader in cloud-managed mobile and autonomous robotic systems for the cleaning, inspection and diagnostics of solar panels.

BladeRanger was founded in December 2015 by Assaf Friedler, world-leading robotics expert Professor Gal Kaminka of Bar Ilan University, and AI robotics company Cogniteam.

The company develops robotics systems using a unique technology for the autonomous cleaning and inspection of photovoltaic solar panels. The solution is waterless, battery-powered and managed in the cloud.

The company, which was incorporated at the end of 2015, operated for about three years as a Capital Nature incubator company where it enjoyed grants through the Innovation Authority track.

The first product developed by the company is PLECO, a robot powered by a rechargeable battery that performs waterless cleaning of rows of solar panels. The autonomous robot is able to cross gaps of approx. 10 cm as it moves across rows of panels to cover an area of approx. 3,200 sqm on each recharge.

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